Leafield Marine - Valvole di gonfiaggio e valvole limitatrici di pressione gommone Aqvaboats

Leafield Marine - Aqvaboats inflatable inflation valves and pressure relief valves

Safety First, "safety first"

How many times do you find the tube of your dinghy either too inflated or too deflated? Tubular pressure is a problem that many enthusiasts often encounter. If the problem is not caused by the loss of an air chamber it is almost certainly due to a malfunction of the inflation valve.


Leafield Marine (UK) is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of valves and inflation systems for a wide range of inflatable structures including liferafts, inflatable boats, marine evacuation systems, river rafts and military vessels.

The Aqvaboats Luxrib inflatable line uses exclusively Leafield Marine inflation valves and relief valves, highly appreciated for their quality and above all reliability.

Dinghy tubes are often found in conditions of high stress and high risk, therefore, it is essential that they remain stable in all conditions. The best choice of valve can make the difference.


The C7 drop point valve used by Aqvaboats can be used up to 25 Psi, made of ACETAL plastic material known for its strength and longevity. Its sleek design has a low, smooth profile, using a filter to prevent fibers from entering the valve and becoming trapped causing leaks.


When the tubular is exposed to solar heat for a prolonged period, or has a violent impact with waves, the pressure inside it increases. This can lead to excessive inflation, which can cause damage to the structure.

The A6 pressure relief valve used by Aqvaboats is very useful for safeguarding the pressure in the tubes.

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