Laminazione ad infusione o Manuale?

Infusion lamination or manual?


The hulls of Aqvaboats boats are built using vacuum infusion layering.

Infusion is one of the most innovative lamination processes in the nautical world of boat building. Its main feature is the replacement of the manual lamination process with vacuum infusion.

During the infusion, the resin is injected into the laminate layers, using pumps, thanks to which the air is sucked in. The resin, occupying the void that has been created, is distributed directly into the laminates, in an impeccable manner, creating a much more uniform laminate free of air bubbles. The advantages of this technique are translated into lightness (a weight reduction of up at 30%), structural strength and flexibility, the vessel requires less powerful and expensive engines, significantly reducing fuel consumption.

In manual processing they are possible check for problems of non-homogeneity in the product, determining areas of less solidity; many fibers may be lost or partially impregnated.

The boats that use the vacuum infusion process in their production stand out for their high performance, the notable improvement in navigability and speed.

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